Part 2: breakup.

Harry’s P.O.V

It’s been two weeks. Two damn weeks. Not a single word from Y/N, I call her non-stop, text, and go to her mother’s house. The thing is I don’t even know where she is, I thought she would have gone with her mum, but she’s not been there since the break up. I know she’s fine because some how the paparazzi have found her so occasionally I see photos of her on magazines. It was my fault she left me. I would shout and yell and just take out all my anger and stress out on her. Lately in the new album I write a lot of the songs so that’s just double stress because the whole band is counting on me for a quarter of the songs. I could not handle it anymore. So yes I would go to the pub until 2 in the morning, but I mean I needed a break from the daily deeds of life. I know all she wanted to tell me was dinner was ready or what time she should start cooking but at my drunken state it annoyed me. But the girl I love and admire literally cut me out of her life. One of her old roommates came and picked up her stuff in our apartment. “Our” apartment does not even feel like ours anymore. It pains me that she could not even come to the apartment to pick up her stuff, that shows me that she does not want any single thing to do with me. The tabloids of me have blown up. “Harry styles at it again”, “Harry styles seen at a club making out with a stripper?”, “Harry is finally a single pringle ladies.” all of these have been on magazines or on internet articles that have been popping up everywhere. It’s true I’m at it “again” going to a pub or bar or even a club once in a while. Today the boys are going to the club for celebration of our 5th album. All their girlfriends and fiancées will be there. I have no one to go with and honestly I want no one but Y/N. I was a son of a bitch to her, I’m not even going to sugar coat it. I was awful to her. When I was shouting at her and she shouted back that showed me how much I pushed her. She never shouts, not matter what.
“Mate come on we are going to be late if we do not leave now!” Louis shouted from the living room. Louis has been my moral support since Y/N left me. “ Yeah just one second lou!” I shout through my bedroom door. This whole time with out realizing I had a picture of Y/N in my hands, I love this picture of her; the way her hair flowed freely, how she has the biggest smile on her face even a bit of her dimple is showing, no makeup just effortless beauty. That’s what I loved about Y/N she had effortless beauty, no matter what, with or without makeup. “ Harry mate hurry up!” Louis said banging on my door.
“ I’m coming, I’m coming.” I say walking through the door. “ Jesus Lou can’t a man take a bit to get ready!” “ Not now harry we have to leave you idiot!” “ Whatever” I say walking towards my car. Louis left in his car and I started to drive to the club.

“ Kim, do you know where the nutella is?” I shouted to her. “Y/N I think it’s in the cabinet above the stove to the left.” She shouted back. This is what I have been doing for two weeks. Eating and staying at my best friends Kim’s apartment. I stayed with her because recently she just moved to England and harry does not really know that so it’s like a secret. I need to be as far away as possible from him. It’s already hard because I see his damn face everywhere. I miss him I really do, but life without him has less shouting unless we are looking for food. I know it sounds bad that all I’m doing is sitting around and eating nutella and chips. Very unhealthy but hey I don’t care. I still exercise so why does it honestly matter like really. I look the best I have in months. I’ve gained a little weight but its good weight. I have curvier curves and bigger boobs. Ok that sounded really odd. But I even glow now, and no I’m not pregnant, it’s because I don’t have the stress of being yelled at all the time. And mentally I’m doing so much better. I loved him, I really did. And I feel that I still do but I don’t know. What if we get back together and the shouting starts again I can’t handle that I can’t. “ Found it Kim!” I shout. “ Damn Y/N I’m right here not needed to shout, damn.” “ I thought you were in your room that’s why I shouted” I said while chuckling, that’s a thing I love about Kim, she’s so damn sassy, she always makes my day brighter with her simple and stupid gestures. “ Do you really think I’d let you have nutella to your self!” “ No, well yes.” I say laughing. “ Bitch your wrong, now give me the nutella!” “ Ok, ok here.” “ Y/N can you put the TV on?” “ Yeah hold on.” As soon as I put on the TV a picture of harry and a girl kissing pops up on my screen. “ Shit Y/N you do not need to see this give me the remote now!” “ Wait I want to see what its saying.” “ Harry styles seen at club Fire kissing a blonde! No one knows who this girl is but it surely is not Y/N. looks like Mr. Styles here has finally moved on!” “ Well that’s good” I say quietly. “ What do you mean its good Y/N?” “ I mean its good he has finally moved on, and maybe I need to also.” I say confidently. “ Are you saying what I think you saying?” Kim asked me questionably. “ Yes, yes I am, its time for me Y/N to go back to clubbing.” And with that I walk up the stairs and get ready for a Saturday night at a club.

Part three will be up tomorrow similar time. I hope you guys likes this. Yes I know the pretty little liars girl has been playing your part but she’s the only one I could find sitting on a couch like ” whatever he moved on and so am I, I don’t car.”
Ask box is always opened lol
Bye my loves XXXx

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